Maybridge Finance

Entrepreneurs We Hear You!

You’ve come to the place where people understand you. Whether you need financing for your working capital, business expansion, and basic needs such as education and emergencies, we are here to help you find solutions.

Overseas workers and migrants, we hear you too! We can help make your transition smooth while enabling you to stay financially connected to your home country.

We're Different

We're Simple

We don't use jargon. Our products are simple. Our requirements are easy

We Don't Waste Your Time

We don't give you the runaround. Shortly after you contact us, a decision maker will speak to you. 

We Work Harder For Your Business

No need to come to us. We come to you. 

Our Services

Private School Owners and Students

Schools, we know that your revenues come seasonally but your expenses are constant.  We also know that you need to continuously expand your  facilities.  Students, we know that pursuing an education is financially challenging.  We are here to provide you with solutions:

Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, we are aware of your constant struggle to  shorten your cash conversion cycles to achieve higher sales. As your businesses grow, you need to expand your productive capacities. We can help you. 

Overseas Workers, Migrants, and Students

We’ve seen you wrestle with the huge cash requirements in getting your visas approved.  We’ve also heard you complain that you feel cut off from the banking system in your home country after you’ve settled down in your host country.  Here’s how we try to make your life a little easier:  

What's New

Unleashing the Suppressed Normal

Joey Bermudez, Maybridge Chairman, writes: "As the world talks and thinks about reopening, worried minds assert that extending the lockdown and suspending life longer is what "science" dictates. My question is which part of the science?"

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