Maybridge Finance

About Us

Bridging the great financial divide


Maybridge was born in 2008 at the height of a global crisis that nearly ruined the major economies of the world. It was organized by a group of entrepreneurs and bankers who felt that many sectors of the economy were being kept out of the mainstream financial system because of too many barriers.

The company started as a lender to micro-entrepreneurs and salaried professionals. It subsequently evolved into an enterprise finance institution that catered to small and medium enterprises especially those in healthcare, education, renewable energy, low-cost housing and financial technology. At the same time, it continued to allocate a significant portion of its risk capital to financing wage earners, and overseas workers.

In 2017, Maybridge became the Philippine partner of the Luxembourg-based Backbone Emerging Market Fund.  The two organizations launched a program where they shared credit risks and funding responsibility in support of  high-growth SMEs in priority economic sectors.  At the height of the Covid19 crisis in 2020, Maybridge and Backbone jointly offered a program to help small private schools sustain their K-12 programs.  At the same time, the two partners rolled out a leasing program for medical equipment distributors to help them cope with the growing demand from hospitals and healthcare institutions for emergency equipment to treat Covid19 patients.   

Partnership with Backbone

Stabilizing the Supply Chain

Over the last five years, Maybridge has partnered with various institutions to offer loan programs  that help stabilize a supply chain that was severely damaged by the pandemic.  When the brutal economic lockdowns in 2020 prevented micro-entrepreneurs from bringing their products to the market, Maybridge responded by organizing and helping capitalize the country’s first digital selling platform for micro-entrepreneurs.  Called, the platform now has more than 3,000 sellers.  Maybridge is set to unveil a program that will finance the rolling inventories of  community sellers in

Recently, Maybridge launched AquaLoan, a loan product for fish farmers (operators of fish ponds, fish cages, and fish pens) who need financing to  procure good quality feeds for their stock and sustain their production in order to ensure consistency in the supply of fish products in the market.